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Learn to Float workshop with David Robson

Last weekend David Robson came to Tel Aviv to teach his “Learn to Float” workshop and I was very lucky to be able to attend.

I have to say that since I entered the world of Yoga I became hungry for knowledge and has been a dream to me to get to know great yoga teachers such as David Robson.

His incredible knowledge and passion for Ashtanga Yoga has taught me so much as a student and as a teacher, but as David said “You can read tons of books about yoga, but the actual learning is in the practice” and as Pattabhi Jois said “Practice and all is coming”, there is only so much you can learn while practicing, you get to places you never dreamed of, you get to know a part of yourself that didn’t know existed, you get to face your own fears and deal with it.

I admit, David Robinson’s workshop was though, even though it was for only 3 days, my body was stiff and everything hurt, but it was worth it.

Thank you David for your time, passion and your humble ability to teach in a way that no others can.

I can’t wait for the next workshop, where ever it would be.

Kiwi popsicle

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