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All classes can be teached in English, Hebrew or Spanish.



Based on the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa, we practice an hour of the first series, also known as the Primary series.

Paying much attention, as always in Ashtanga Yoga, to the breathing, coordinated with the asanas, yoga postures, focal point (drishti) and the use of energetic locks (bandha) to build internal heat, that will guide us to a natural state of meditation. An excellent choice for building strength and flexibility. No experience is required.


Vinyasa classes use the same vinyasa movement of ashtanga yoga, but combine a variety of postures which are not necessary only from the Primary series, it is a more creative and fun class, let's admit it, Ashtanga can get boring some times and we like to be able to diversify our practice. Not necessarily easier than Ashtanga, we also work on core, balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. No experience is required.


Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a more meditative class, our practice has more emphasis on breathing techniques that will bring us calm, peace of mind and also detox our body. If you're under stress, injured or sore, this class will help restore your mind and body and get you ready to start a new day filled with energy. No experience is required.


Private and Couples Lessons

A one on one class that will focus on the practitioner's personal capabilities and needs. Paying much attention to the practitioner's body, this class is great for those who like to practice at the comfort of their own home and/or have a busy life to make it to the group classes. No experience is required.




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